The Jade Transport Story

Know the history and background of Jade Transport and how we became who we are today.

Jade Transport's Co-Presidents: Larry Dyck (left), Kim Dyck (middle), Greg Arndt (right)

Jade Transport has a long history of pursuing excellence. At Jade Transport, we believe that the company is more than a business. It is a diverse group of people brought together by their common love for trucks, quality, and service. In every aspect we strive for quality, from the calibre of employees that are a part of the Jade team, to the equipment and, ultimately in the service provided to our customers. Jade Transport is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The story of Jade began way back in 1935 when Jake Dyck started hauling logs with a Model A truck. After immigrating to Manitoba in 1952, the elder Dyck transported cars from Ontario to Saskatchewan. In 1965, he decided to leave the highway to work locally for a tanker company called Oil and Industry Suppliers. Four years later, in 1969, Jake was offered a local contract to haul asphalt cement, and he joined forces with a partner to form J & J Trucking and after a short period of time, Jake bought out his partners. Jake's son Larry began working for the company in 1975, and J & J Trucking officially became "Jade Transport Ltd." Jade took on a story of its own as the letters in the word was an acronym for Jake Amy Dyck Enterprises, named after Jake, and his wife, Amy. In 1984, Larry and his wife, Kim, took over Jade Transport. Jake retired in 1986, and that same year Greg Arndt, a high school friend of Larry's, came to work in the office, and soon thereafter became a partner in the business. 


In the mid-1980s, Jade broadened its horizons when it partnered with another company, Provincial Tankers, a division of Route Canada, from Concord, Ontario. Jade became their agent for Western Canada, and began hauling chemicals after acquiring its first stainless steel units in the latter part of the decade. Following the demise of Route Canada in 1988, and after receiving its own operating authority, Jade Transport started hauling cross-border to the U.S. and coast-to-coast across Canada. In the early 90's, Jade specialized in the transport of bulk liquid, ranging from hazardous waste to kosher food grade products. Today, the Jade Transport fleet and team continues to grow. Each truck as Jade are custom ordered and outfitted with a custom paint-job. Many of our trucks are show-quality, and in fact, Jade has won hundreds of awards at truck shows throughout North America. Here at Jade, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and our commitment to detail applies not only to our fleet, but to all of our dealings with our customers. 


We are committed to constantly improving our quality of service. In 2009, we achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification, and have been ISO certified since 2000. We at Jade recognize the value in doing things as safely and profesionally as possible, and have voluntarily joined several organizations and have sought out certifications that improve the quality and safety of our industry-leading service. Jade Transport is also a CVSA approved vehicle inspection station, and has the ability to certify trucks to operate anywhere in North America. Our 10,000 square foot, six-bay maintenance shop has an external wash facility that is open to the public.